Equal Footingball Fixtures 2024

Equal Footingball is back for another fantastic 2024 season ahead!


Equal Footingball is a free program suitable for 12-18+ year olds, and designed specifically for people with disability. This program provides participants with regular training and a fortnightly competition within a club setting. This program offers four divisions to accommodate various abilities.

  • Division 4 – Entry 
    For players with limited football experience and/or ability who require support on the pitch. Parent/carer participation is encouraged at this level.
  • Division 3 – Participation 
    For players who have learned the basics and are developing skills, game awareness and the ability to participate in basic match play with some level of support.
  • Division 2 – Pathway 
    For players who have developed skills and game awareness, but also enjoy the social aspects of the game. This division is more competitive with most players working on potentially moving to Division 1.
  • Division 1 – Performance 
    For players who are highly skilled, seek competition and aim to compete in State and National pathways.

Equal Footingball is currently delivered at:

For more information and any questions about this program, please contact Mick Owens at 0415 678 669 or micko@footballfutures.org.au