The Football Futures Foundation is here to make a difference and create an accessible and healthy community. Football is the world game, and with integrity, we empower and inspire the community to drive social change. The Football Futures Foundation supports you on the pitch of life.
Education and Learning

Why is football the platform for social change?

Football in Western Australia over the last five years has been the most played team sport in Western Australia and is the most diverse sport, with players from more than 130 countries of origin participation, and a recent 45% increase in female participation and 65% of participants from priority groups.

Through football we have the opportunity to connect, collaborate and celebrate with the diverse and dynamic Western Australian community.

We know that within our collective communities, people face barriers to participation and achieving an equitable quality of life.

Through the Football Futures Foundation we will work collaboratively to co-design and deliver inclusive and accessible football programs that contribute to social change through engaged communities.

Football is active in every region of Western Australia, we cover all basis.