Football at Schools

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A community engagement and capacity building program targeting culturally and racially marginalised young people and/or disengaged youth aged 10-17.

Free football program for primary and secondary schools

This enriched program combines our Young Sports Leaders program with dynamic lunchtime and before/after school soccer sessions. This comprehensive initiative is designed not only to foster leadership and cultural understanding but also to actively engage students in physical activity, enhancing their school experience and overall well-being.

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Key benefits

Football Futures Foundation's 'Football at Schools' initiative offers diverse physical activity options, including lunchtime soccer sessions and before/after school programs, promoting exercise and teamwork. The Young Sports Leaders Program develops leadership skills. The initiative encourages inclusivity and cultural awareness, fostering a sense of belonging. It enhances the PE curriculum, providing skill training and boosting student engagement. Through school events, it contributes to community engagement, positively impacting the school's image. The all-inclusive program offers comprehensive support, aligning with educational and health goals, promoting physical and mental well-being, and enhancing the school's reputation.

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