Paving the way for inclusion: Football Futures Foundation sponsors Football West Jambinu First Nations women's state team

In light of championing inclusion and fostering the growth of women’s football, Football Futures Foundation proudly announces its sponsorship of the Football West Jambinu team. The team is set to compete in the First Nations Indigenous Football Cup, a momentous event taking place this weekend in Brisbane/Meanjin. This sponsorship, in collaboration with the Geraldton Sporting Aboriginal Corporation, Football West, and the KingKira Group, signifies a collective effort to inspire and empower First Nations women and girls on the football field.

Football Futures Foundation extends heartfelt wishes and encouragement to the Football West Jambinu squad and their coaching team as they embark on this significant journey. The Foundation is committed to supporting initiatives that transcend the boundaries of the sport, seeking to empower First Nations communities and create lasting change through football.

The sponsorship of the Football West Jambinu team aligns seamlessly with the Foundation’s mission to strengthen communities and inspire the next generation of First Nations female footballers. By investing in state teams like Jambinu, Football Futures Foundation recognises the potential of football as a powerful tool for fostering inclusion, building confidence, and promoting positive community impact.

The First Nations Indigenous Football Cup provides a platform for these trailblazing athletes to showcase their talent, resilience, and the rich cultural diversity that makes Australian football truly unique. Beyond the competition, the event serves as a celebration of heritage, unity, and the shared passion for the beautiful game.

By joining forces with key partners such as the Geraldton Sporting Aboriginal Corporation, Football West, and the KingKira Group, Football Futures Foundation emphasises the importance of collaborative efforts in driving positive change. The collective sponsorship represents a commitment to breaking down barriers and creating opportunities for First Nations women and girls to shine in the world of football.

As the Football West Jambinu team takes to the field in Brisbane/Meanjin, they carry not only the hopes of their community but also the aspirations of those who dream of following in their footsteps. Football Futures Foundation believes that through initiatives like this, the impact reaches far beyond the tournament itself, leaving a lasting legacy that inspires, empowers, and paves the way for a more inclusive future in Australian football.

In sponsoring the Football West Jambinu team, Football Futures Foundation invites everyone to join in celebrating diversity, fostering inclusion, and supporting the incredible journey of these athletes as they make history on the football field and beyond.