Football Australia's Growing Football Fund community grants open

In the wake of the resounding success of the FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023™, Football Australia is taking a giant leap forward in fostering the growth of women’s football with the launch of the Growing Football Fund. In collaboration with Commonwealth Bank, this initiative aims to provide crucial support to community clubs and associations, offering grants of up to $5,000 to empower and elevate women’s and girls’ football across Australia.

The Growing Football Fund is set to become a catalyst for positive change, enabling grassroots initiatives and programs that focus on the development and promotion of women’s football for the upcoming season. This strategic move aligns with Football Australia’s commitment to building a strong foundation for women’s football, ensuring that the momentum generated by the recent FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023™ is sustained and amplified at the community level.

CommBank’s support of this initiative reflects the shared vision of creating opportunities and pathways for aspiring female footballers across the nation. The partnership reinforces the importance of community engagement and support in shaping the future of Australian football.

Community clubs and associations eager to contribute to the growth of women’s football are invited to apply for grants during the first round of applications, which is open from 8 November to 15 December 2023. The grants awarded through this round will be announced in February 2024, providing ample time for successful applicants to implement their initiatives ahead of the upcoming season.

The Growing Football Fund presents a unique opportunity for communities to make a lasting impact, whether through the introduction of new programs, the enhancement of existing ones, or the development of facilities that cater specifically to women’s and girls’ football. The $5,000 grant cap allows for flexibility, encouraging diverse and innovative proposals that address the specific needs of each community.

Football Futures Foundation, dedicated to strengthening communities through football, strongly encourages its community members to seize this opportunity and apply for the Growing Football Fund Community Grants. We recognise the potential of these grants to create positive and lasting change, aligning with its mission to make football a force for social good.

By investing in women’s football at the grassroots level, Football Australia aims to create a legacy that transcends the playing field, shaping a future where women and girls have equal opportunities to engage, excel, and lead in the beautiful game. As the first round of applications kicks off, Football Futures Foundation supports Football Australia in urging communities to embrace this opportunity and play a pivotal role in shaping the next chapter of women’s football in Australia.