Football Futures Foundation set to launch inclusive coach education series

Football Futures Foundation is taking significant strides towards a more inclusive and accessible world of football through developing an innovative Community Coach Competency Course. This course is specially designed to empower coaches, volunteers, teachers, and community members with the skills and knowledge needed to deliver football-based activities that cater to individuals of all abilities.

In Australia, the current football coaching pathway is traditionally divided into two streams: the community pathway and the advanced pathway. While the community coaching pathway is primarily focused on grassroots-level involvement and provides essential training in age-specific training sessions, it predominantly adhered to mainstream football practices.

Recognising the need for a more inclusive approach to coaching, Football Futures Foundation is on a mission to create a new coaching pathway grounded in disability and inclusion principles. Our vision led to the inception of the Community Coach Competency Course, which aims to equip community coaches with the fundamental skills and knowledge to be inclusive coaches for people with disabilities in football-based activities.

This new course is designed to provide practical tools, new ideas, strategies and valuable insights with the support of Football Futures Foundation’s community members and the newly formed WA Football Disability Advisory Committee. The course takes into consideration firsthand experiences from individuals with disabilities and their coaches in application to both the theory and practical components. By doing so, it not only enhances the skill set of coaches but also promotes a more empathetic and inclusive approach to coaching.

One of the primary objectives of the Community Coach Competency Course is to boost coaches’ confidence in creating opportunities for people with disabilities to participate in sport and active recreation. The course empowers coaches to tailor activities to suit individual needs, preferences and abilities, fostering a sense of belonging and increasing participation within the football community.

The course is currently in development and has undergone a successful pilot session, receiving positive feedback and enthusiasm from participants. Football Futures Foundation remains dedicated to refining and expanding this groundbreaking initiative, furthering our mission to make football a sport that truly welcomes and embraces everyone.

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Be part of this exciting journey towards a more inclusive and accessible future for football!