Football Futures Foundation teams up with Good Sammy for sustainable recycling initiative

Football Futures Foundation is on a mission to champion sustainability and boost community engagement, and we are proud to announce an exciting new partnership with Good Sammy to support the Containers for Change program.

This collaboration aims to tackle environmental concerns by diverting recyclable items from ending up in landfills. With Football Futures Foundation’s strong focus on sustainability and commitment to advancing the Global Goals, this initiative aligns perfectly with our values and mission.

The partnership also serves a meaningful purpose by aiding Good Sammy in their mission to provide employment opportunities for individuals with disabilities. These individuals will be integral in driving trucks to collect, count, and recycle the bottles, contributing to a more inclusive workforce.

Football Futures Foundation will leverage its network and resources to engage local soccer clubs in implementing this initiative. Participating clubs will have the opportunity to become collection points, earning 70% of the container refunds. Additionally, 20% of the proceeds will support Good Sammy as collection operators, while 10% will be donated back to Football Futures Foundation to further support our Football for All initiatives.

Through the distribution of recycling bins to local clubs, Football Futures Foundation aims to foster a culture of sustainability within the soccer community. By encouraging recycling and environmental consciousness, we hope to empower clubs and their communities to contribute to a healthier planet for future generations.

This innovative partnership underscores Football Futures Foundation’s commitment to making a positive impact beyond the pitch, reinforcing the notion that small actions can lead to significant change. Together with Good Sammy, local clubs and community, we are not only championing sustainability but also creating opportunities for social inclusion and community benefit.

Learn more about the Containers for Change program here.

Football Futures Foundation is committed to advancing the Sustainable Development Goals. This initiative supports two core goals: