Introducing the WA Football Disability and Inclusion Advisory Committee

In a significant stride toward inclusivity, Football Futures Foundation proudly announces the establishment of the WA Football Disability and Inclusion Advisory Committee. This committee will serve to be the voice for individuals with disabilities, their families, and caregivers within the football community, fostering representation and understanding.

Comprising esteemed individuals with diverse backgrounds, the Advisory Committee is set to leverage a wealth of knowledge, lived experiences, and extensive professional and personal networks to address the unique needs and challenges faced by people with disabilities in the realm of football.

Leading the charge is Chris Barty, a former Pararoos goalkeeper, bringing a wealth of expertise from the pitch to the committee. Joining him is Sue Minutillo, the WA ID Intellectual Disability Football state team manager and an Equal Footingball coach, amplifying the committee’s commitment to inclusivity on and off the field.

Jack O’Keeffe, president of the Western Electric Sporting Association (WESA), adds his strategic leadership to the mix, focusing on the importance of grassroots involvement in the pursuit of a more inclusive football community.

Julie Cavallo (Henderson), B1 blind football player and Development Officer at Blind Sports WA, contributes a unique perspective, ensuring that the committee remains attuned to the needs of visually impaired athletes. Aaron Camm, Vice Chair at ReboundWA, brings his passion for inclusivity, while Baxter Hutchinson, a Cancer Patient Ambassador and WA Para football player, rounds out the committee with a focus on resilience and determination.

Football Futures Foundation takes pride in facilitating the Advisory Committee’s endeavours, acknowledging the pivotal role it plays in strengthening communities through football and championing the cause of inclusion. The committee’s formation signifies a commitment to breaking down barriers, fostering understanding, and ensuring that football remains a sport accessible to everyone, regardless of ability.

More information about each of our committee members will be published soon here.