Meet the 2023 Gold Fields State WA Paras Squad


In a celebration of unparalleled talent, grit, and unity, the National Para Football Championships 2023 will commence on Monday 4 October at the WA State Football Centre in Perth.

The tournament is co-hosted by Football Australia, Football West and Football Futures Foundation and marks a significant milestone in the realm of adaptive sports, highlighting the unwavering spirit of para football players from across the nation.

A gathering of champions
This year’s Championships have brought together a league of extraordinary athletes, showcasing their prowess and determination on the field. The atmosphere at the State Football Centre was charged with excitement and camaraderie as teams from various states geared up for the intense competition.

Diverse talents, united spirit
The tournament, hosted by Football Futures Foundation, emphasizes the power of inclusivity and the transformative impact of sports. Athletes with diverse abilities, including cerebral palsy, acquired brain injuries, and impairments resulting from strokes, have come together to demonstrate their skills and passion for the beautiful game. The event stands as a testament to the Foundation’s commitment to fostering an inclusive society through sports.

Gold Fields State WA Para Team: Voices of inspiration
Our Gold Fields State WA Para team shared their thoughts and aspirations ahead of the tournament. Their dedication, determination, and optimism have become a source of inspiration for fans and aspiring athletes alike. We joined the squad at their training session ahead of the National Para Football Championships 2023 and look forward to sharing this video which not only captures the essence of their journey but also amplifies Football Futures Foundation’s mission of breaking barriers and promoting equality in the world of sports.

Promoting unity and inclusion
The National Para Football Championships 2023 go beyond the realm of sports, championing the values of unity, acceptance, and respect. By providing a platform for para athletes to shine, the Championships challenge societal perceptions and inspire a more inclusive future. Football Futures Foundation, through events like these, continues to pave the way for a society where everyone, regardless of ability, can participate and excel.

A call for support
As the Championships unfold, Football Futures Foundation encourages everyone to rally behind these exceptional athletes. Show your support on social media using the hashtags #ParaFootballChampionships and #InclusiveSports. Together, let’s celebrate the triumph of inclusivity and cheer for the athletes whose passion and determination know no bounds.

The National Para Football Championships 2023 stand as a testament to the potential within every individual, proving that with determination and support, dreams can indeed become a reality. Join us in celebrating the true spirit of sportsmanship and inclusivity!