Pararoos: Inspiring change on and off the pitch

Australia’s best para footballers are headed to Perth this October with the west coast city set to host the National Para Football Championships for the first time.

Running from 3-8 October 2023 at the world-class WA State Football Centre, five teams will be in contention to be crowned national champions in the 19th edition of the competition.

The tournament will hold additional significance this year as it will be the final opportunity to impress the CommBank ParaMatildas and CommBank Pararoos head coaches prior to their selection of the Australian squads for the Men’s and Women’s 2023 IFCPF Para Asian Cup.

Australia’s Pararoos, the national football team for athletes with cerebral palsy, acquired brain injury, or symptoms acquired from stroke, have been on an incredible journey of determination and excellence. As footballers, they strive to surpass expectations and change the game, showcasing the indomitable spirit that sets them apart on and off the pitch.

Facing Challenges with Resilience

Living with a disability presents unique challenges, but the Pararoos are living proof that obstacles can be overcome with determination and passion for the sport they love. Despite facing hardships, they are relentless in their pursuit of excellence, demonstrating that football knows no bounds when it comes to talent and dedication.

Supporting a Worthy Cause

Now, the Pararoos seek to extend their mission further. They aim to create inclusive opportunities and break down barriers for the millions of Australians living with disabilities. With every 15 hours bringing a new child with cerebral palsy into the world and more than 700,000 Australians living with acquired brain injuries, the need for inclusivity and support has never been greater.

A Call to Action

You can be part of this transformative journey. Watch the Pararoos documentary, which offers an inspiring and heartwarming insight into the lives of these exceptional athletes. By witnessing their dedication and passion, you’ll not only gain a deeper appreciation for the sport but also contribute to an essential conversation about inclusivity, acceptance, and the limitless potential that lies within us all.

Together, Anything’s Possible

The Pararoos need your support to continue inspiring the next generation and creating meaningful change. By rallying behind them, you become a vital part of their quest to make a positive impact on society and the lives of individuals living with disabilities. Let us unite to celebrate the spirit of resilience, teamwork, and determination exhibited by the Pararoos both on and off the field.

Watch the Pararoos documentary and support their cause.

The Pararoos documentary is a film directed by Tom Ferguson.